I Show list of standards in one select box, Based on that selection, I will display the related section in another select box, after that I will nter remaining fields normally, then it will save into DB.

My question, How to edit that second Select box values in ajax which are stored in to DB.
My sample ajax format is

    <select name="state" onchange="showState(this.value);"> <option value="">--Select--</option> <option value="India"></option> <option value="US"></option> <option value="Australia"></option> <option value="England"></option> </select> <script type="text/javascript">
    function showState(alt)
    Here I wrote the ajax funtion

I want to edit this value while editing after inserting . Is there any way? Its urgent.

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Its urgent.

Kiss of death.

From the sticky on the PHP forum (a general point):

Do not tell us how urgent your problem is. Seriously, for us there is no urgency at all. Many that can help will ignore any URGENT or ASAP requests.