Hi All,

I am looking to build a dynamic web page for a website I am working on. Let me give a little background here and please give your suggestion how can I get started on this, useful links, etc. I am not a pro but I learn and work on new things so you can treat me a beginner on this topic

I have a basic website, which has 4-5 tabs and every tab has some data.. This webpage is a template, and I want to create subdomain where a user can create a subdomain login/password login and upload photos, videos, text that can fit into this template webpage and hence this subdomain dynamically gets created with the details added by the user. Now I need below specific help:

  1. Login creation for subdomain
  2. Once the user logs-in I need to proved a form for the user to upload the relevant data, what Is the platform I need to use here and is there any details that someone can share
  3. Once the details is shared by the user, how can I make the subdomain active with the details provided by the user


I suggest to view this demand from another perspective. As I understood you just need to configure your domain for wildcard subdomains (just Google it, and if you have any question here we are). Than what is missing is finding from the URL the subdomain , find if this is related to a user (or any other logic you have there). When you know those from the PHP application you can create any view you need for that subdomain.