Hello everyone,

i want to develop a Asset system for my Final Year project using QR Code scanner, the QR Code will be taped at all asset and using this system, user will login and this system will be access via their phone and user will scan the qrcode. from the result after scan, system will send GET id=[result scanner] to show the asset details.

the problem is, how can i put the scanner and can get access to the phone camera to scan the QR Code?

Thanks Friends.

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Answering that question, would be a paid service, this is a HELP site, the users here help out with problems from sheer kindness
Kindness does not translate to stupidity
Nobody should do this for you, show some effort
Look up the apis for the hardware you intend to use, come back when you have a specific problem, not a "do all my work for me"

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Thought you changed your meds AB!

wow, nice answer..

im asking how to do that not "please do that for me", if you don't know the answer, just ignore it. i'm asking for someone who have any experience in this situation or maybe got tutorial website to learn it. (people with negative thinking)

this system will be access via their phone

What language/platform are you building this phone app in? Accessing the phone's camera should be in the SDK.

changed my meds, tolerate some, not all

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