I have a file (01.php)

abstract class Sender
    const E_NEW_APPOINTMENT       = 1;  

     * Send instant confirmation/notification emails.
     * @param int $type  (E_NEW_APPOINTMENT)
     * @param CustomerAppointment $ca
    public static function sendEmails( $type, CustomerAppointment $ca )
        list ( $codes, $staff, $appointment, $customer ) = self::_prepareData( $ca );

        switch ( $type ) {
            case self::E_NEW_APPOINTMENT:
                $to_client = new Notification();
                $to_client->loadBy( array( 'slug' => 'client_info' ) );

                $to_staff = new Notification();
                $to_staff->loadBy( array( 'slug' => 'provider_info' ) );

                $confirmed_appointment= $codes->set( 'confirmed', $ca->get( 'confirmed' ) );

                if ( $to_staff->get( 'active' ) AND $ca->get( 'confirmed' )==1 ) {
                    // Send email notification to staff member (and admins if necessary).
                    self::_send( $to_staff, $codes, $staff->get( 'email' ) );


And another file (02.php)

require "http://abc.com/01.php";
sendEmails(E_NEW_APPOINTMENT, $ca);

In this case, how can I call the "public static function sendEmails" in file 01.php ?

Thank you.

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require '01.php'; // domain includes might not always work
Sender::sendEmails(E_NEW_APPOINTMENT, $ca);

Thank you, but my owne files don't stay in the same folder, so it perhaps works without included domain http?

Adding a relative or absolute path is not a problem.

Thank you, but I have just tried the above code but it cannot perform and call the function in file 01.php.

What's the error?


Sender::sendEmails(E_NEW_APPOINTMENT, $ca);

is not correct. The code is dead here and the function sendEmails doesn't work.

Sender::sendEmails(Sender::E_NEW_APPOINTMENT, $ca);

Perhaps because $ca is null, don't you need to initialize it?

Perhaps because $ca is null, don't you need to initialize it?
It is necessary because without it, the function sendEmails couldn't understand with which objet it will work.

So it is necessary, but you haven't. I suggest you add that first.

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