I am using phpwhois lookup to fetch details of an ip and i am very much successful in it. But i need to detect whether the ip belong to an individual or any organization.

For example if i browse my tracking website from home it is my individual ip but if i browse it from my office (my company) it is an organization. the fact is i want to track all "company visitors" visiting my site. i am not interested in individuals. so i need a way to differentiate between the two. since if i go for whoislookup of individual ip, it returns the ISP as Organization and for generic organization ip it returns the organization name. So basically i need to detect whether the ip is ISP or Generic Organization.

i am using PHPwhois lookup to fetch the data based on the visitors ip as given here. ssl.ols.es/whois/index.php?query= Here you can see "OrgName: 'Endless Mountains Health Systems'" this is an organization name who might have visited my site i grabbed its ip and found its an organization. Now please try your individual ip now you will get your ISP as organization name. even though your ip is individual that is non organization ip. i need to differentiate between these two

Any help is greatly appreciated.

echo geoip_isp_by_name($IP);

It should return ISP. Assuming PHP manual is right.

There's an entire list of related functions. I don't know what you mean by organization, the only organization you can get out of IP publicly is the ISP. If you're willing to look-up visitors of your website compare common IPs in short-time that visit your website and look up if one of time is familiar to the ones you have at your work. The hard way is that you would ask computer through terminal for all IPs, save them in file and detect them exclusively.

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