Hi. I have to do a MVC project and I don't know exactly how to do it. on the clientside I will have an input form the data (at least two codes and up to 8) will be sent to the server (best way?) then the server will access a database and run a series of algorithms (i already have the code in vb from a previous windows forms app) and return 5 to 10 objects (numbers and strings) to the client which will display the results on a different view depending of the result. can anyone make a quick sketch of what i'll need to do? how to submit to server how to get it back controllers to send and get other languages/scripts I must use (js, ajax, etc) thanks

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If you use ajax to call your controller with json data, then mvc will take of converting that into your viewmodel on the server-side. You can then use the viewmodel results to pass back json data. Perhaps this link may help.

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