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I am currently building a website using Wordpress, Woocommerce, and Woocommerce's Tab Manager plugin.

On the product pages, you can see a tab called "IP Ratings..." which should have a little symbol next to it (which we creat using the sup html tags). However, the tags themselves are getting output rather than the result of the tag. See here: http://bit.ly/1Xemgmt

Any idea how I can manipulate it so that it outputs the result of the tag rather than the tag itself?

Sadly my theme developer (Enfold) and Woocommerce have not been helpful.



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Looks like you're outputting encoded html (like &lt;sup&gt; instead of <sup>, etc).

How can I fix that? In the backend all the titles of the tabs are written like this: "IP Rating & UL Information <sup>†</sup>"

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No idea sorry. I don't have the code to check. Looks like the contents are being htmlencoded prior to passing on to the view.

It might be the way it render text by sanitizing all output. You may be able to work around using a span tag with CSS.