Hy there...
I have this problem and I don't know how to fix it....I didn't get help from the theme creator and I am asking your help:)

In product list - list mode, I have the product with the ingredients and on the second row I want to put the nutritional facts but the line goes on the first line just after the ingredients.... If I enter the product page everything is fine but on the product list it shows me something else....

All that the theme creator told me is that I need to insert something in global.css....

Please Check screenshot to understand better Click Here

Thank you!

Do you have this online somewhere to see?

Does anyone know?

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We need to see the new page not the old one. We need to be able to see the underlying html and css. We can look at this via devtools in the browser.

The HTML output is different between them. On the list page all the text is wrapped in 1 paragraph and on the producr page it's devided over 3 paragraphs.

If you can add, in the page editor in the admin, paragraps to the product description or even a breaking space could drop that sentence to the next line.

Well I tried every way from this link Click Here but it moves just 2-3 spaces....

I was thinking about adding the More info that should appear in the product page to insert after short description in the product list.
That way maybe I could include the the background color too.
Could that be possible? Would that be a way to solve the problem? Is it possible?

I don't know what you want exactly, but if you can switch your WYSISWYG editor (in the admin where you can edit the description) to a text/html editor, then you can add/wrap any HTML such as paragraphs ot br tags to/arround your text.