I received a database I need to restore on my local machine. The database is MySQL off a Linux box, is it possible to mount these files similar to how you would a .mdb file on a MSSQL Server? I am looking to mount them on my Windows based version of MySQL 5.5.
I have the MYI, MYD and FRM files.

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best solution would be to get data through mysqldump and then push the backup into the server. By the way, if there were InnoDB tables then you also need ibdata files otherwise moving the files will not work. Also if there were user defined functions and stored procedures you would need mysql.func and mysql.proc contents.

Try to follow the suggestions in this thread, it could help:

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Assuming MyISAM tables (it looks like that based on the file extensions):
1. Create the database i.e. "create database databasename"
2. shut down mysql
3. Go to the mysql data directory (you can do a "show variables like 'datadir'" to find this out before shutting down mysql)
4. Load the files to the /path/to/datadir/databasename
5. restart mysql
That should make the tables for that database accessible. If that doesn't solve your issue then you can try MySql Recovery Toolbox. The MySql recovery tool recovers databases in the MyISAM format and either saves the data to disk as SQL scripts or exports it directly to the MySQL server. http://www.oemailrecovery.com/mysql_recovery.html

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