Hi everyone thanks for your patience as I try to explain what I"m dealing with here.

I"ve been following this series of video tutorials on youtube on making a dynamic website. I believe the tutorials were based on linux cause soon as I hit the one on url renames the .htaccess instructions they give dont work, and I had to use a web.config file.

This is the video series I've been watching : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XPDS2kN210 I've had to skip videos 49 - 52 due to the problems i've been having with this.

DigiCraft has a github and I was in discussion with the person who is trying to help people there and we couldn't fix the issues....
First error I had was that with the .htaccess file when I was attempting to use a clean url I'd get a 404 page error, I posted about that Click Here on this page and the person on the site helped me get a web.config that was working for me to stop the 404 pages....

Then i continued the video and tried to get the clean urls to work....
I have 4 pages on the front page of the site's navigation, "home" "about" "faq" and "contact"
what is SUPPOSED to happen is if you type the URL example site.com/faq, the faq page would load, instead right now it's only loading the default home page.

You can see all the things we tried by reading the issue 'ticket' Click Here

I would truly appreciate help to get this to work, if you have any questions please ask.


btw all the code and links needed to see what i've got are on the two github links above.

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