Hi, does anyone have a Galaxy S5 or S6 to which they can help me debug a page with Chrome ?

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More details please. Url?

@diafol. I think his prior posts reveal that he's stuck with finding some settings to finely emulate this in Chrome. The cheapest s6 new here was 400 bucks but and this is a big one, if they would attend a Samsung event and get it done. Here I run into Samsung at those mobile phone conventions and other seminars. No one I know owns the S6 and the few I know are waiting to get the S7. Kudo's to Sasmung for putting waterproofing back into the s7.

rprofitt has explained the situation, to which I was going to explain, if someone came forward to annouce they had these two devices.

If anyone wants to be my occasional test bunny for these two devices, I would greatly appreciate it, rather if no one comes forward, I'll try else where online.

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