im new to php, i ve a doubt. i want source code in php
for the requirement as traited below.

im creating a registration form with two image file uploading system.
I need a source code in such way that, the inputs NAME, AGE, MOBILE NUMBER, image upload(ONE), image upload(TWO) should be saved in serialwise including photos in MS-WORD DOCUMENT in a directory i mention.

As to the collection of your NAME, AGE and such, that's basic PHP so moving on.
https://www.google.com/#q=php+write+to+word+document shows it needs some addon or lib.

If I was doing this I'd split the problem into two pieces. The registration which you write you are creating (but didn't share what's wrong with it so far.

The second problem that I'd split off is the Word doc generation. My solution in the past was to forget Word docs and make a HTML or PDF but I had my reasons.