Can anyone help me find a good system that creates newsletter that I could email mass to my clients?

Like I would like to create a newsletter and send each newsletter to many clients.

Should I create the program myself. Or is there any other alternative?


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The Mailchimp service (http://mailchimp.com/) is a great option. I manage sending announcements for a client of mine and have used Mailchimp for several years.
Mailchimp offers some nice services that would take a lot of effort to replicate yourself:

  • There are several templates to choose from when creating a newsletter
  • Mailchimp has good relations with major email hosts so your messages are less likely to end up in the spam folder.
  • import of your existing email addresses is simple via a comma seperated file or an Excel spreadsheet
  • Mailchimp does campaign tracking for you.
  • It integrates with Google Analytics
  • If your client list is small, you can start using Mailchimp for free.
  • You can schedule the sending of an email campaign. Set it up the day before (or a week before, whatever) and have the emails get sent exactly when you want.
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