Sorry, recently i have came across working with testers, previously i have tested website my self.
When testers do web User Interface Testing, they find silly ui bugs that users can't find and force devlopers (me) to solve those bugs.
They can't find important bugs which is related to backend programming etc.

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That just confirms that you need a multi-pronged test strategy involving users, UI testers, DBAs etc.

If your architecture is layered well then backend bugs should have been found during unit testing and subsystem testing. Maybe you are leaving too much testing until too late in the process?

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silly UI bugs?

The only bugs I would classify as "silly" are the ones that the developer should have caught himself before passing the system on to the testers, in other words, the ones that the developer should feel silly for not having spotted early on. What, exactly, do you consider to be a "silly" bug?

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I have always considered the following when writing a program:
When you write a program that is idiot proof the world builds a better idiot.

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All valid points here. One thing I've learned over the years, users/testers sometimes make the best hackers. As pointed out, unit testing should iron out any bugs that may exist in your back-end.

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