Hi, I have a raspberry pi in which I use kweb in kiosk mode. To display a webpage. What I am trying to do is to be able to navigate through the webpage using my phone. What I am struggling with is how can I make this kind of connection because I have no idea what it's even called. Till now I am using this basic setup of an iPhone app that sends a request to a php file on the raspberry pi to create a text file with the command and then Ajax on the webpage to monitor the file for change and follow the command accordingly. This is working fine but I was looking for a better way to accomplish this task.

I know that my question is a bit hard to understand but I really don't know what I want to do. I don't even know what to search google for.

You time and help are really appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply. i actually kept googling and found out what i really want is a client -server application using socket.io

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