Inline Code Example HereHello friends,

I am building a multidimensional array with the following code:

Inline Code Example Here
the example code is

    $Questions = array(                                                       
1 => array(

    'Question' => 'CSS stands for',          
    'Answers' => array(
        'A' => 'Computer Styled Sections',
        'B' => 'Cascading Style Sheets',
        'C' => 'Crazy Solid Shapes'
    'CorrectAnswer' => 'A'
2 => array(
            'Question' => 'Second question',
            'Answers' => array(
             'A' => 'First answer of Second question',
            'B' => 'Second answer Second question',
            'C' => 'Third answer Second question'
        'CorrectAnswer' => 'C'

please guide me how to store it in mysql

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Hey, the first thing you would need to do is create a PHP page that will connect to a SQL server. After that, you must use a PHP page to create a database and table or use it to pull information from an alread exisiting database and table. From there you can add, update, delete, and so forth from that PHP page.

This site is really good at teaching you how to connect and so forth

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