in my database I have table called memory and it have images , description and title
I want to display the image like how online shop display their products (eg:,default,sc.html)
I was thinking of using grid or table but I don't know which is better I also want to place the image in multiple pages like in the example so if I have 50 image there will be 10 image per page
I know how to create table and grid but how can I display the product from the db in multiple pages. Also which is better to use grid or table ?
my programming skills are in :html , php & javascript

Displaying images in a grid is probably better since your page will be displayed nicely on mobile devices - provided that your grid is set-up properly. You can use a proven framework for that such as Bootstrap.

If you want to display images in pages use pagination - google for tutorials using the search term 'php pagination tutorial' or 'php pagination example' or maybe just look at this one.

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