I was working on bank ifsc code search engine which provides all branch details for every bank in India. I used Php and Mysql to handle database queries and data retrieval.
The whole project looks good but there were some technical limitations stopping me. Like, i have done all SEO friendly urls like this and this. When user selects a bank say for example State bank of India, then he will be redirected to that page where he can find all IFSC States of that bank as listing and also user can click on them to navigate further.
Then user can select district to load branch and then branches. Every time when user choses his bank, state , district or branch he will be taken to thtat particular page which is a php file. Everything works great, the only problem is that, now i have too many sub folders which not good for site SEO, like mysite.com/bank-name/state/district/branch/id
Here is the live url for ifsc code SBIN0005918, this data comes from a php file where i used id to fetch the data from database. But i want to avoid id at the end of the url, so that at least i can reduce one subfolder. Please help me, how can i get accurate query result without using ID? or how come my urls will work without ID at the end.

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