I am working on projects in Visual Studio 2015 using the ASP.Net Identity with Entity framework.

Entity Framework creates tables in embedded SQL Compact, when the first user is created.

My question is: When comes time to roll out into a "live" environment (i.e. Dev, Test or Prod), is there a standard approach for deploying the new identity tables to an Oracle database?

Do I need to create deployment scripts to create the tables?
Can it be done with package manager with a migration?
If the table names are the same will any configuration be required?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Sort of. You usually work with your Oracle point on this. Usually it's the person that admins your Oracle system. Not only must they create the tables, but setup permissions and tell you where the server is and so on.

I'm seeing folk plow headlong into systems without any classes or seminars. That's OK in my book but is a recipe for trouble either in deployment or in the Oracle lead in your company telling you no. You should have them in on the design from day one.