Hi, I am a developer. I have been searching for best suited web development forums which provide helpful information on web development, so that I can get help from their active members for learning the Captcha Implementation with Javascript which is used to protect the website from the attack and accessing the website by machines. I have searched alot of forums but didn't get the answer. I hope any tech developer can help me in resolving the issue or provide me links of such more forums.

Doing a pure client side (javascript only) captcha will not enhance security. Since all of your code would be visible to the client, even minified, someone could simply bypass it by forcing the output check to "true" or whatever you decide, and move on with their day. No matter how much you obscure it, at the end of the day the method that looks for pass or fail will be directly compromised in the console.

If you are doing this for "fun" or just to see if you can, then start researching canvas elements and see if there is some sort of OCR for javascript. This is a good starting point it seems: https://github.com/antimatter15/ocrad.js/