Hello i would like to invite all who like to take risks and like to build something new, i'm building a project and i can say its complete about 90% BUT i'm not experienced too much to finish the project by my self, so i need HELP from someone who know better PHP, Bootstrap, CSS and JS. I dont have any money to give from the start so thats why im writing this for those who want to help.. The project is big so if it goes as planned, we all will be happy guarantee.

Thank you and sorry for bad English :)

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Don't give anything away will you?! If you're expecting replies to this post, you may be waiting a while. Give us some info / screenshots. WHat is it supposed to do? Which bits are you struggling with?

THe best way IMO, is for you to ask for help, so we can help YOU do it.

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Yeah sorry i didnt mention that, opportunity to work in the future and receiving paychecks every month, i will say again if all go as planned. I have the Marketing and Advertising strategy figured out already i'm building this project about 1 year but with not much knowledge of PHP. I was having a friend to help me with the coding, but he is working now so doesn't have much time to help me also he is from other country.


Still no info...

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