Hello i got a wierd problem, when am opening my website on a PC the site loads well and its best of all websites (:D).. but when i try to open it on phone or tablet the front page of the website which is meant to show the featured pictures doesn't display.. i really have no IDEA from where this error comes from, any help will be apreciated so much !

Also this problem is showing when i visit it with www. on PC

The site is Stunneroftheday

Its not hardcoded, how its displaying without the www. also i have the images in th server uploaded

The HTML code was where I got the link and it bombed.

In other words, I used view source and tested. Which failed.

what do you prefer to remove this issue ?

As I don't admin your server all I can do is share the error. How you configure the server and where you put files (images) is up to you (if you run this server.)

I really check every single file in the server and everything is as supossed to be (everything in place). What other helpful info should i give to you to help me a little more ?

Also on my localhost the website is working fine.

Sorry but as I don't run this site all I can do is share what HTML it gave to the browser then the test image that coughed up an error that you would find out why that happened.

That is, you would grab your laptop or phone to get out of the office to a hotspot so you can see the error yourself.

Okay so any other solutions ?
Does this can be caused by robots.txt or .htaccess file?

I'll write no to the robots.tx file.

As to .htaccess, I quickly read http://www.htaccess-guide.com/ and the answer is not yes or no.
No it appears not to apply to the initial first error.
Yes as the error screen that appears after the first error seems to show that the error documents ( http://www.htaccess-guide.com/error-documents/ ) looks to be not setup.

Here's what http://stunneroftheday.com/images/featured/header/xenia1.jpg coughs up. Remember that link is what was in the HTML code from your site.

Not Found

The requested URL /images/featured/header/xenia1.jpg was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache Server at stunneroftheday.com Port 80

Oh my god... why the server doesn't recognise capital letters ??? the header file actually was named Header and the server was not able to read ?? Hell i waste whole day :-(

commented: Thanks for sharing what it was. +11