I am trying to open pdf link that I place through tinymce. I add the link button through toolbar add or plugin in tinymce:



I wonder why I cannot open the pdf link that I place without having to enter the cpanel password?
I already set the file permission to 777 up to public.

And still does not work.

Any other solution to enable me to open pdf link in codeigniter website?

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None of the above makes sense. What's the second link for? It just shows a yellow webpage. WHat has codeigniter got to do with this? Where is the file being saved? Is it being saved? To which directory? SHow your relevant web directory from docroot. Show the base directory settings for plugin link for TinyMCE.

Forget it! I find the answer finally. It's the link address that I type is the problem. I copy and paste it from the cpanel.

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