I am looking for browser simulator to create responsive website. Where to find it?

How to create a quick responsive website?

For PC, Handphone and Tablets.

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In Chrome, open the dev tools and click "Toggle Device Toolbar". In the toolbar's dropdown, you'll see entries for common devices (Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad and iPad Pro).

I just have to play with bootstrap right?

Is that the only way? And the fastest way is to code it with bootstrap?

Is that the only way? And the fastest way is to code it with bootstrap?

I remember from previous threads that when you even use Bootstrap to create responsive layouts it took you ages, so I'd recommend that you use a premade responsive (Bootstrap) theme/template and change the text & images with your own and don't touch any HTML & CSS of that template. I believe this is the fastest way for you.


Its not like the adaptive view can't be responsive. For example if you expose only one view for tablets and mobiles its reasonable that this view will be responsive . Also in desktops view you will have some kind of responsive css in 1024 screen width and in 1920 … (but not too many).

The hard part about first adaptive and then responsive is that your app must share the same content through various “templates” css and js based on the category (mobile – tablet / desktop) or ( mobile / tablet / desktop) of the user. That needs a solid understanding of what a server side language is , what css3 can do and where js can put those together. Its not weird that most big commercial sites that use adaptive and then responsive don't do well in page insights of Google , they just made an Frankenstein. Nonetheless they are doing better than those that claim to be “responsive” (as DaniWeb for example @see https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=daniweb.com )

Its not weird also that the big players (Google / Facebook / Tweeter e.t.c. ) use adaptive and then responsive view.

I use CoffeeCup software - http://www.coffeecup.com/ - for my web editing needs. In particular, I use their Responsive Layout Maker Pro to quickly generate custom responsive websites without coding. It is rather full featured, easy to use, and is interactive so you see your formatting changes and slide the screen width to see the responsive effects. You should check them out online to see all the additional features they have and see if that will work for you - they even have a free trial so you can get the feel of it. For additional HTML editing needs, I have used their HTML Editor for many years. They also have a new Responsive Bootstrap Builder for more easily using that framework if you wish.

The simplest way is to download extension chameleon from store choose website you want and click on icon you will have the view ready.

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