Hello i made a search box and i want to make a link what will pass the search word that the user put in the search box.
e.g. http://localhost/myproject/allSearches.php?searchword=aa

aa is what the user put for search. Now i want to get that, sort it and return the data.

I do this

j+= '<div>Search for all <a href="'+apiBaseUrl+'allSearches.php?search='+searchword+'">'+searchword+'</a></div';

and in allSearches.php returns nothing when in should return aa

?> <div><?php echo 
?> </div> 

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Hi, do:


inside allSearches.php and see what you get.


Oh, wait, I'm not sure I have understood your request. You want to perform an AJAX request with the GET method?

No i just want to fetch the searchword=aa so that i can return data using a php function. I use jquery for the link j+= '<div>Search for all <a href="'+apiBaseUrl+'allSearches.php?searchword='+searchword+'">

When i do print_r it returns Array ( [searchword] => aa )

when i do echo ($_GET); returns Array

Maybe is because the link is on $.each(data, function(i,data)??

OK now returns ok <?php $searchword= ($_GET['searchword']);?>

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