I'm trying to run karma test runner on angular-seed project I downloaded from git with no success always I get errors,
here is the repo im using this version
I installed jasmine and karma and node.js and karma-chrome-launcher I installed all this using the npm package manager that comes with nodejs
, im reading a book of SitePoint called angular from novice to ninja and im stacked now on page 19 trying to run karma and launch the connected karma page on chrome by running the batch file found in scripts folder called test.bat as stated in the book,
here is a screen shot of the errors I see when I run the batch file through the command line:
and here is a link to download the book:
AngularJS: Novice to Ninja free ebook download

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I managed to find the github page, but that's about it. All the links you posted are not pointing anywhere. Secondly, I don't think that is a free e-book. It's being sold actively.

From what I read on that github page angular-seed is a backbone project to get your own project started on. The reason I'm phrasing it that way is because there are scaffolding tools, like Yeoman that will set up a project for you. It's as easy as running yo angular MyProjectName. The major difference being that it doesn't become useless after that. For instance, do you want to add a new directive: simply run yo angular:directive myDirective, and it will create one in your existing project. I don't know which IDE you're using, but I know that Webstorm/PhpStorm/IntelliJ has a yeoman plugin that you can run straight from the embedded console.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on AngularJS, I merely dabble... when forced... at gunpoint.

i have uploaded the whole angular seed to a linux cloud based service cloud9.io for collaboration if anyone interested please create a free account there and leave me your username in cloud9 here so i can invite you to my session thanks.

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