I have found a source of and aledged xml file (although it is named as solarxml.php, when I download it the data that I want is there, i.e. solarflux, aindex, kindex and sunspots, but I have no idea how to determine how to extract the 4 data fields I want, also don't want to download it each time as I want to use those 4 items on my webpage (unless the webpage is reloaded), this when refreshed or reloaded would force a reload of the xml data and thus keeping the information fresh.

I have looked at many tutorials and now seem to be chasing myself in circles. The xml file can be found at: http://www.hamqsl.com/solarxml.php (I have confirmed it is a legit xml file) will of course acknowledge the source of the info, although it is all in the public domain. So a snippet of code to get me started would be great, I am sure that this will be like falling off a log to some of you but to me, who has spent 4 days scratching my head seem like a big problem.

So any test coding I can manipulate would be really helpful, especially showing how to get the xml from an external server.

I can't use the usual formats such as php etc as the host I use does not have them enabled.

Thanks in anticipation

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though you might want to open up a new question if you hit any issues

Did you hit any issues with the libraries then? If so you might want to mention them.

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