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Did you actually read the source? Assuming you want to replace the icon-cog:

<div class="icon-cog box-icon"></div>

Replace the contents of the div with an img tag:

<div class="box-icon">
    <img width="60" height="60" src="http://i.imgur.com/vPkeDtI.png"/>

Results in beautiful images whever you like.


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Thanks a lot
Good example.

I had to mark as unsolved because of the alignment issue that persists.


It's unresolved because you're a chump. I'm not here to do your work, resize your images or craft your stylesheets.

You asked a question, I answered it; I subsequently ignored the request for further help via PM. Your posting history is fun of similar tactics. Maybe you should rethink your career.


To me it looks solved. The topic you raised looks done. Now if you have a new issue, that's a new issue and you start a new thread.


pty, I already resized didn't make much difference as I still can't add more content without affecting the other column. rproffitt I didn't want to create another thread considering the fact that the alignment problem is directly related to the image icon issue I created this thread to address.


@newbi11. I re-read your top post and I see no mention of alignment. Therefore you are adding on issues that are not in your topic and top post. That's a new issue and should be on its own.

Alignment issues on web pages are rather well done. So you have that going for you.


Plus, the CSS is totally different between the first and second fiddles. Posting examples with minimised code is a bad idea, it's clearly broken because while it looks like Bootstrap 2 the fonts aren't applied in the preview window. Total failure.


Thermostat seems broken on this thread too. :(

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That's cold.
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