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This is my first question on codeproject. Please forgive me if I had not provided all the necessary details in my question. I'm working on my college project which is a chrome extension. We've already stored the name of the website, username, and password in MySQL data type. The requirement now is - if the user opens a site like Facebook and enters the username and if the details of his are already stored in the database, then I must be able to fill the password field of the website. This extension is currently being developed only using HTML, javascript and PHP. So, if possible, I would want you all to help me solve my issue using the above mentioned languages only. Any frameworks can also be mentioned but the learning curve must not be too steep since I don't have much time left to be able to learn much. Please help me.

username <input type="text"  onclick="myFunction()">
password <input type="password"id = "1"  name="name" >

function myFunction()
    document.getElementById("1").value = "Get Password";

I know how to update the password field in my webpage but, please guide me on how to do this in any other site.

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@rproffitt Thank you for your suggestion. But, tie information I've asked for is just for learning purpose and to update my knowledge. Please help me on that if it is possible. Thanks again :)

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Chrome extensions are written in Java AFAIK - so why are you using PHP? Is this going to be running as a service? So the minimal java code will contact your service to get info from the DB. This sounds ok in theory, but security-wise it would make me sweat as you're actually retrieving real passwords, not hashes or anything else.

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