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I have a dell inspiron N5010 laptop, a day back it went off. I tried to restart and it just keeps on beeping. After a bit a looking aboud i figured it is a display error (failed LCD). So is figured if i remove the LCD cable from the motherboard then i should be able to connect a external monitor through VGA cable. So i set it up, turned on; it does the same beeping. what can i do here?

I tried pwr + D (for LCD test); but i get know bright colors.

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You should check the POST (power-on self test) error log in the BIOS. Also, configure the BIOS to report all errors when booting up.

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i have no access to the bios. i turn on power, i get a blank screen and the before mentioned beeps.

FYI: no post on beep either

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The beeping has many causes from failed memory to board failures. Try the usual and reseat the RAM, try it with one stick and tell me the voltage of the BIOS battery.

Remember how old this laptop is and consider it may be done.


According to Dell you are correct - 8 Beeps: Reseat the LCD cable or replace the LCD screen

Dell Beep Codes

If you have an HDMI port (I think that laptop does) you could try cabling to an external monitor with that prior to booting. It might be seen as a duplicate display (showing the same as what would be on your laptop display), whereas a VGA connection might be seen as a second display which might not work until configured through Windows.

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