hi, i have searching and tested lots of scripts to get the real IP behind the proxy but still not get the right result. Could anyone with this experienced helps me out. Thanx..

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If the proxy is working, then you should not find their real IP. This is by design.

If you feel this is not acceptable and you detect a proxy you could warn the user they are using a proxy and that is not allowed.

is it possible to get the ip behinds the proxy?

If you research your topic question, it appears you have your answer. (Google your topic question.)

As there is nothing new going on here, I have to write that there's really no reason to do this today. And it's only going to get worse as more folk use a proxy or a VPN. You are entering a battle where it's escalating faster than what you are willing to invest.

My answer is no, you won't be doing this.

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