I created an Php/Html form which will save to Database, the form is for Job application form, so i want it to preview the form details before final submission and also, on the final submission, there should be an area for the applicants to print the copy of their form submitted.

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it is not clear where you are having difficutiles.

from what i understand you want to check the saved the data from the application form befor he save it to the database
to do that you can save in two steps in two table with the same strucher the frist time to the first table (you will have a page with select query to show all the submited information + a link called transport takes with you the id in the link to a page say link.php)
you click this link after you make sure the data is good and have all you need
in the link.php you make the insert in the second table and after the insert you delete the the row the from the first table
am i making sense!!!
got my idea ??!
and form the print you can add this script

<script type="text/javascript">


hope it help :)

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