I need an assistant on a project am working on using php/javascript. Its a forced matrix.


A person is automatically assigned three downlines without any referral based on id. Starting with the admin, lets say 100 persons register, three will be placed under the first id, which is the admin.

They have a limited period of time to make payment. The timer starts ticking once they are matched. The admin will see the three persons matched to pay him and the three people will all see the admin in there dashboard. Any body that refuses to pay and the timer ticks to zero, he/she is automatically deleted from the database and automatically replaced with another person on queue.

There will be a confirmed button on the dashboard of the person to receive payment from three persons such that anyone that pays will be confirmed by the person that received money. Once anybody is confirmed, he will automatically be paired with three persons to pay him/her, and so it continues.........

Nobody is matched twice. You are matched once and if you dont pay and your time elapses, you will be deleted by the system.
Please help oh.

Using php, Javascript and mysql database. Help out. Its urgent. Thanks.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

This does not sound like the topic you started with. It sounds more like some multi-level-marketing web site you want to create.

If it's urgent, put up what the pay is for this.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

Thanks. If I had the money, I would have gladly hooked you up. Kindly assist and I would be very very greatful. Well, just help with this problem as I intend to use it to empower people in my community. Thanks as you assist.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

I still don't see a good question here. No code and more. It's possible you are like some that post on forums and write "Gimme the codez."

Read first then add your code and where you are stuck.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

Sorry bud, but if 'helping your community' actually means helping yourself by ripping people off with some illegal pyramid scheme (and it sure does look that way) then you have come to the wrong place. If you are going to become a criminal mastermind at least put some effort in at the start of the process, eh?

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

Its not actually that. Its not an illegal stuff. I was actually prompted to work out a platform for them. Well, will work out something and post it here for any input and assistance.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80
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So they approached you to do this. You said no problem gimme duh money. Then you came here, not really knowing what you're doing, saying gimme duh codez. I'm not saying it's exactly like this Joshua, but I'm sure you can appreciate how this sounds. From what you describe, the algorithm for this is very straightforward and should be doable by most beginner-intermediate coders.

However, as mentioned by HG - this does sound like a horrible pyramid scam, and where many people could help you with this, some might choose not to.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

Well, what I wanted is just a clue, a hint of how I can go about it. Am not asking of any code. Just put me through and I will kick off. Thanks in advance.

Re: Forced matrix with Php/JavaScript/Mysql 80 80

Here you go. Read posts and finds with to see that this appears to be a job folk put up on Freelancer and more.

However I am encountering more and more folk that want complex systems for free. That's OK, but to get there you create or contribute to an open source project. This really upsets folks new to coding and creating a new thing.

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