Does anyone have any php tutorials (either text or video) to recommend to me to learn how to build my own php proxy ? You see, I'm actually trying to give you a frame on my website where you can use that to navigate to websites. I want to be able to track what websites and webpages you visit either by typing direct the url or by clicking links. Don;t ask me why would any visit use such a frame only to be tracked because that's a long story. I just need your suggestions on the technical parts.
I was suggested to look into url_rewriting which I am looking into now and was suggested MiniProxy which seems to be doing the job I wanted.

However, saying all this, I need to learn how to build such a proxy and so on the lookout for upto date tutorials. Youtube is yielding a lot of outdated tutorials on cURL and hardly any vids show you how to program/write your own php proxy. I tried understanding the codes that made-up the miniProxy but it's seeming too complicated for a beginner. Having to do a lot of guess work which part of the code does what and that is not a proper way to learn. Thefore, hunting the perfect beginner level tutorial.

Any suggestions welcome!

PS - Looking also for proper upto date tutorials on url_rewriting. No, I can use as a reference but not a good place to start learning for a beginner!


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Internet connection was slow and so I guess I clicked twice because it was taking ages for it to post the first time round. Or, this site was slow.

So, where's your answers then ?

Just so you know, give it a little time on replies here. I've seen it lag on posting so right or wrong, don't do the Mr. Monk and go "Lobby, lobby, lobby, lobby..."

I think you have a much bigger idea you want to ask for ideas how to implement as I read a few of your recent posts. It's like I'm one of the blind men describing the elephant. In other words rather than dole out what your scheme is in small pieces, why not show off the entire elepant?

I agree with Rproffitt and also think you already answerd you're own questions.

Having to do a lot of guess work which part of the code does what and that is not a proper way to learn.

The stuff you ask is quite complex, too detailed and cater a lot of different technologies. You will have to Google like crazy to find a tutorial that explaina exactly what you want and only to find out there's none. Just break down your queries in smaller bits and ask help in those instead of expacting that someone has an answer to the whole shabang.

commented: Bite size problems are great for forums to tackly but after so many posts, I am wondering what sort of animal this is. +12


I was asking for tutorial link recommendations and you have complicated a simple subject by going all weirdly philosophical.
I don't understand your last 2 posts.

commented: I can see why. My spelling can be atrocious so I meant tackle, not tackly. +12
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