I'm listing here all the Viral Traffic php scripts I am coming across so you guys can check them out for any purpose. I am hunting them for code learning purpose. You might learn a few tricks of the trade yourselves if you peep on the source codes.

I'd appreciate it if you can come-up with your own viral traffic features from checking these ones out and contribute the codes here that make-up your viral features ideas.

Note: I'll be listing links to the downloads and any descriptions or demos to how they work.
You make comments which ones you like and why and which ones you don't and why.
If you come across any then share the links here.

  1. Viral Share
    Users are not auto forced but given a choice to Facebook Share your link in order to download your stuffs. if they don't SHARE then they are not able to download.

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I'll share I don't respond well to strong arm tactics like that. If such a company tried that, they'd get a downvote and maybe some harsh words.

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I will share my opinion in a subsequent post. Before I do, however, you must upvote that post before reading it, and tell the world how wonderful the post that I have yet to write is. Then and only then will I share my opinion. But trust me. It will be a good one.

I just checked out your Activity stream. I see a distinct lack from you of up- and down-voting other peoples' posts, tweeting others' posts, or even answering other peoples' threads. Perhaps you should be forced to do so?

I did downvote the YouTube video you linked, and I did it WITHOUT downloading the diet book, which I'm sure is the best diet ever and everyone who uses it loses weight, but keeps their opinions to themselves, which is why they are forced to give an opinion beforehand. I can think of no other reason why anyone marketing a diet book wouldn't wait for people to try the diet out. I know that when I try a product that I think will improve my friends' lives, I don't tell them because I want my friends to be miserable. If everyone else gets to be thin, I'll feel less special.

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I will now write my opinion. But I won't share it here. I'll PM RProffitt and anyone else who upvotes me only. The rest of you are really missing out. It's fantastic writing.

RProffitt, you already are a God, even without the upvote.

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Are you setting us homework UI? Oops, my daily 10 minutes on DW is up. Will have to wait until tomorrow unless another thread catches my eye...

AssertNull got my upvote simply because his first post is very humourous. Ha! Ha! Ha! Made me laugh. I like these kind of jokes. Instead, of giving his opinion like rProfit, he gave it with an example just to teach the person (who intends to buy such scripts) a lesson. A lesson from the users' points of view who the Viral forcing scripts target. Now, that is an intelligent way of getting your opinions across. Hence, the UpVote. And no, I'm not expecting any PMs from him as I know he has no opinion to really to give on his PM. All his opinion were very clear on his sarcastic drama! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good boy! Keep it up! Lol!

But Asserty my man, I'm the type that likes to find flaws in systems, methods, tactics, etc. and turn it around. Improve them. A bit like Mc Guyver, really. Make use of whatever's available with a new twist. You may test me for this bold claim.
And so, you can count on me improving these Viral Traffic script ideas and methods. Therefore, I will not quit but continue to search for the near perfect Viral Traffic script. "Near Perfect" because it can't be perfect, unless I give some input. :)

Saying all this, if you come across a Viral Share/Like script like this one then do share the links as checking them out would give me more ideas that would be suitable for the website visitors where they will be indirectly influenced to LIKE/SHARE and I won't need to force them to do it. I really cannot come-up with any ideas myself from point 0. I always like to see what others are doing, try finding their flaws/weaknesses and improve their ideas or techniques and derive my own concepts, techniques and feature(s) that would give my users more chance of going viral. Users like yourselves.

commented: “A bit like Mc Guyver, really” . I am not sure Mc Guyver would approve ;) +9

Diafol my son!

Nah! Really want to see what pros, like you, recommend. That way, I can get hold of the script and look-up the source code to learn the tricks of the trade. No good wasting time with a crap script that runs on a crap concept. Now, do I ?

An idea just popped-up in my head. Instead of forcing users to LIKE something (post, image, article, webpage, video, ebook, script, software), I can force them to give an opinion/feedback. They'll either have to click one of the following buttons:

  • LIKE
  • LOVE
  • HATE

and then they'd be given mssg box to give their opinion (reason why they LIKED/HATED, etc.). That would then be forwarded to the user who's stuffs got LIKED/UNLIKED.
Isn't this an improvement on the current FAD ? The vendor gets the feed-back (market research). Remember, I only thought-up this within 15 mins of making my last post. An idea dreamt-up on the spot (so to speak). If I give some more thought to it then I might come-up with a viral traffic concept/tactic that rocks. What do you think ?

PS - This thread, itself, will go viral.

@UI. I'm sorry if my replies upset you. I intend to let you know my view in the open without you getting your site up and then finding out what others think about it. No, I'm not everyone but I did bounce it off others and it went straight down. Keep thinking since many don't do that anymore.

Hence, the UpVote. And no, I'm not expecting any PMs from him as I know he has no opinion to really to give on his PM. All his opinion were very clear on his sarcastic drama!

Give yourself an A. You got it. There is no PM. I'm amazed how many people miss the point.

improving these Viral Traffic script ideas and methods.


near perfect Viral Traffic script


No good wasting time with a crap script that runs on a crap concept.


Or perhaps you don't. My point is that I think it's a "crap idea". As the saying goes, you can't polish a turd. You can't save a crap idea with a great script. You can write the most fantastic script ever written to force people to do whatever the hell you're forcing people to do something they don't want to do, and it's still a script forcing people to do something they don't want to do. The diffference between adware written by a genius and adware written by a moron is that I'm much less likely to succeed in bypassing it so I can read the book, THEN vote on it voluntarily.

Why are you doing this? Why would a non-spammer want to "perfect" this idea?

that would give my users more chance of going viral. Users like yourselves.

Now I'm intrigued. In this scenario, who am I, the user? Am I the fat guy downloading the diet book that doesn't work and forced to vote on it? Am I the guy writing the diet book that doesn't work and needs to force people to give me free publicity?

How do you propose to get around the following dilemma? If you give users the option to access the content, try it, then give an informed opinion, you cannot force them to do that by threat of witholding the content since they already have it. If they have to give an opinion to access the content, they have no real opinion yet (other than the opinion that this is a scam), so how can they give an honest opinion? You have to decide this BEFORE you write the script.

If you think you have a GOOD product that will generate good reviews, you can give the option of the user downloading it for free for a certain length of time. CONTINUED access after the trial period requires that they purchase the product or a license. In lieu of that, you can allow them to spend ten minutes taking a detailed survey aimed at providing honest feedback and allowing their opinions to be public or to "share" the product link with their friends or on Facebook or whatever. In return for them being willing to do that, you unlock the content or offer a reduced rate or whatever. No trickery or "forcing" involved.

Your technical challenge then becomes providing that trial option in such a way that the user cannot bypass the survey and still get the reduced rate, getting the survey results out to the world and the book writer, etcetera.

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Improve these viral marketing scripts? Nope, I hope they all fail and burn.

No good wasting time with a crap script that runs on a crap concept

The whole viral share concept is crap. I have saved you time right there, find something else to pour your obvious enthusiasm into...

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Heh heh. He wants advice from pros. We give it. He disagrees. Then says he wants advice from pros... Stop this train I want to get off...


Don't role off the train just yet. He ! He! ;)
I am taking advice from this forum. I still have not bought any of these viral forcing scripts. But still looking into them to see if I can improve on their ideas so that forcing the user element is substituted by something better like my future new feature that influences the users to willingly LIKE & SHARE.

Take care!

SCRIPT NUMBER 2: Facebook Viral and Marketing Social App

The following script does not force you to facebook LIKE a content/page/link in order to unlock anything.
I agree, it would piss my users off if they have to LIKE my page before they'd even seen it.
This following script, however, forces the user to login with his facebook account to your page in order to unlock it and read the content. That way, you get the user's true id (facebook username) and his/her email.
You can put a clause (TOS) on your page that the user must agree to login to your content page using his/her facebook account in order to access a section of your page/site or to download stuffs with his facebook account and he must provide his true email.
We know very well, a lot of people would just type a fake email and try to rip you off. Or, if you auto email them a link to acivate their account with you from where they can access the content or download the stuffs then they can always submit to you an email which they hardly use. An email to which they hardly login to read messages. And so, I reckon, as a publisher, it's best you get hold of their emails which they have submitted to facebook as those are likely to be upto date ones which they login to regular.

Check the demo:

The description:

I am not rushing to buying this one. Will be checking out more.
I think this one is not true intrusive. Ok, you force the user to login to your page with their facebook acc but who cares. It is being done. Just look at some forums. You can register/login to them with your facebook account. No need to signup to the forum manually. If you find 10 forums based on your interests and if you have to register one by one to all 10 then that is really dragging things. On the other hand, if you find all 10 allowng to make posts on their forums with your facebook account then you'd most likely use that option over registering one by one to 10 forums.

SCRIPT NUMBER 3: Viral Lock PHP - Like, Google+1 or Tweet to Unlock

Now, I can find a valid reason to use this script.
I'm going to show-off a little here so don't mind. There is a difference between you guys and me that you guys only give one look at something and make-up your mind. First impression counts with you guys and no concept gets a second chance.
For example, you'll look at this script again and run a mile saying you won't install it on your site simply because forcing a user to facebook LIKE your page before they view the content would make them run a mile away from your site. So, you'll quit ever giving this concept a 2nd chance.
Me, however, will not run away but ponder if I can make use of this script in a moral way or not to bring me viral traffic & viral income.

This is what I have concocted up:

I will not force the user to facebook LIKE or G+1 or tweet about my page without seeing it first. Here's the wisdom behind my tactic ...
I will display the content of my site partially. Like PART 1.
If the user liked reading part 1 (page 1), then and ONLY THEN he may proceed to part 2 (2nd page). Or, proceed to the 2nd section of the same page. Here, I can display a clause at the beginning before displaying part 1 that, if they like what they read on part 1 then they must facebook LIKE it or G+1 it or tweet about it that they enjoyed what they read.
Ofcourse, the majority of readers would be willing to do all this. But once they read part 1, a lot of these "majority" would try cheating me. They'd try accessing part 2 without keeping their end of the bargain. They won't bother facebook LIKing it or G+1ing it or tweeting about it. Here, the script would stand as a barrier. Either keep your end of the bargain or GET LOST!
You can make use of this script to gain viral income. Here's how ...
On part 1/page 1, provide a demo ebook/php script/.exe software and make it a requirement that if they like it then they must facebook LIKE it or G+1 it or tweet about it before they are provided the download link to light edition or adware edition or whatever edition. They'll have no choice but to keep their words with you and facebook LIKE it or G+1 it or tweet about it before they can download the next version or upgraded version. Once they do all that, your product starts going viral ...

Can you find any flaws in this idea on how to morally make use of these script ?
If you think I have lived up to my username (Unique Idea Man) and what I claimed earlier other days that I see concepts, systems, etc. and nearly always come-up with improvements and make peoples' lives easier and better then up vote this post.
Just hang on with me a while and see what viral tactic I come-up with or what viral script of my own I build. Join in. Use it and generate viral traffic and viral income.
Being realistic. Really. ;)

We know very well, a lot of people would just type a fake email and try to rip you off. Or, if you auto email them a link to acivate their account with you from where they can access the content or download the stuffs then they can always submit to you an email which they hardly use. An email to which they hardly login to read messages. And so, I reckon, as a publisher, it's best you get hold of their emails which they have submitted to facebook as those are likely to be upto date ones which they login to regular.

I'm probaly wasting my time, but I'll make one last attempt to discern where you're going with all of this and what's a joke and what isn't and whether you're a spammer or a troll or if you actually want to be taken seriously (I seriously doubt that you do).

There's nothing illegitimate about signing up to a forum with a throwaway e-mail address or one you don't use much. It's required in order to authenticate you are dealing with a real person and that the person who is posting under an online account is the person who has the e-mail address. I had ZERO problems with customers logging in to my sites using an e-mail other than they normally used. I liked having their contact info in case I actually had to get ahold of them and therefore I wanted one they checked or would get alarted to, but that's because I only contacted them if I needed to. I didn't spam them, I didn't track them. I would very occasionally put a targeted e-mail out regarding stuff that I believed might actually be pertinent. If they asked me to stop sending them crap, I did. No problem, no forcing.

No one's "ripping you off" by registering under a throwaway or rarely used e-mail account. Where does this attitude come from? Do you actual respect peoples' privacy or not? If you DO, there is actually a market for that attitude. People will reward you for it. Just provide quality content and ASK for feedback and you'll get it. No trickery needed. It's my same answer to the SEO questions when I bother answering them. Google WANTS to reward real content and has laid out a roadmap on how to do it. You just need to follow that roadmap.

Just trying to figure out if there's a point to all this or if you're just trying to get a rise out of people (ie trolling). If you're NOT (again, skeptical that you're not) and you're actually trying to have discussions, you might want to re-think the "I'm gonna rip off all my customers, treat 'em like slaves, see their data, ha ha ha, no I'm not, yes I am, but I'm an honest person, but everyone does it, I'll probably regret writing this" style of posting.

commented: well played sir +15


If people submit to you throw away emails then how you going to contact them in any form of emergencies ?
Therefore, best to get hold of their email that they list on facebook as that would be an upto date one. Hence, I listed SCRIPT NUMBER 2.

No, I'm not troll. Just need feed back. If your answer is the same on every one of these scripts then don't bother replying to all my posts in this thread. But, if any catch your eye to be to your liking then say so and I'll give much thought to it. WIll see if I can improve on the idea.
I'm still searching for the right one. If I can build one, I'll build it. But as for now, I not good enough to build one and so looking to buy one. The one that gets the most thumbs up, here, I will consider buying.
Ok, you gave your opinion you are not into this line of promotion but let us see what others say. Shall we ?

Btw, come-on man, I did tell you many times in my post that I was joking about selling peoples' private data. I was just being sarcastic and pointing out what big companies do. They trade your private details. Period. And they do it under different pretences. I was just stating that, if I get into that line of work then I won't do it like them under pretences but plainly tell people bluntly I'm gonna do it and how I'm gonna do it and why I'm gonna do it. Gonna be honest.
But as of now, I'm not getting into this line of work as I see it more trouble than it's worth. Oh by the way, I made that post half asleep rolling off my chair, just like a drunk man. Don't take everything so seriously. Read the lines between a joke and being serious. Read between being sarcastic and being honest.

PS - If you're up for it then we may try coming-up with a viral traffic and viral income concept and then build a php script around it. A moral idea. It would be good work experience for me. You can add your own magic twist to it. At the end, we can release it as gpl. The script, however, should help each & every user earn traffic & money one way or the other. Little or more.
I'm glad, I've found honest people like you in this forum. Infact, I have not come across any immoral people in programming forums. But, I come across ones that are downright dishonest feeling on non-programmer forums like the black hat forums. And, I see, they like these sort of scripts.
Anyway, I'm still subconsciously searching for the right bright viral traffic & viral income idea. If I thinkup any, I'll mention probably some of them in this forum to get feed back. Stay tuned and wish me luck! Let's concoct up something you'd like. Ok ?

OK, here's my no-BS advice and it has little to do with whether I like the idea of forced likings, etc.

You're putting the cart before the horse. Forcing likes or shares or however you want to phrase it, as well as how best to do it, can only be a right or wrong decision within a larger business model/plan. You have to know what you are trying to achieve and why. You have to approach your customers with a certain mindset and you need to put them in a certain mindset. If you're not trying to force likes or do anything manipulative or coercive, then you must present yourself in such a way as to make sure the customer/client understands that. To that end, as mentioned, you have to have a firm grip on whether you actually respect privacy rights. This is not a morality lesson. This is a business lesson. Your customer will not feel important or respected unless you make him/her feel that way. Thus you can kid around all you want, and you may well be kidding, but if the user experience as a whole doesn't strike the public as non-manipulative and non-cutting-corners, you'll come across as a spammer and people won't sign up or trust you with personal data. It's a guilty till proven innocent scenario. The point I made about the "Delicious" site is a real one and not a small deal. They are collecting data without telling people why in advance and they're playing audio on a page without any way to pause it or do anything with the page. My guess is no one new is signing up as a result. To get people to do what you want, you're going to have to tell them what's in it for them. To do that, you have to KNOW what's in it for them. I haven't seen you explain that in your posts. Think Elevator Pitch. If I'm a potential customer, what am I paying you for? You're lightheartedly trying to convince me to help you write these scripts, to "invest" in your idea, financially or otherwise. If you want people to partner up with you, you have to come across that way (I realize you're not actually trying to get people to partner with you).

Figure out what you want first. All the script writing and purchasing of scripts comes later. If you want advice and feedback, that's the feedback, and it's worth far more than any advice I could give you on the actual script-writing or what product to purchase. This is me talking as a businessman, not lecturing you on morality.

If people submit to you throw away emails then how you going to contact them in any form of emergencies?

There are unlikely to be any emergencies that I can think of when downloading or viewing content. I think you used the wrong word, did you mean any form of 'marketing' perhaps.

Viral marketing is not black and white. I believe that is obvious that the “Weight Loss” example is in one of the darkest shades of Viral Marketing. How can you like / vote / share / follow something that you don't know what it is. I don't believe that the shade of Viral Marketing technique that is used is hard to tell. And (as with SEO) the darker the most possible is to have negative effect in near future.

But let's see one other scenario. You have an eShop that is going pretty well in SEO , visitors and orders but not many people interact with it win social media. You even have a FB app in pagetab that brings you traffic. What would you do ?

One idea is “competitions” , e.g. “like our site and win the X product” … this is viral marketing.

One other could be to let customers that already have bought something and have a discount coupon for the next order to claim it only if they share / like something (or write a small critique of their last bought item) in social media.

One other could be , in customers that have already bought something to send a newsletter with a link to claim a whole new coupon for the next buy.

We are doing those (and few more) and in marketing aspect has a good impact. In programming sense it is almost a nightmare due to how often social media change their API's and how different their API's are.

I would blame the user if he “likes” the “Weight Loss” example but also the short-seeing of the developer / company / programmer that didn't realize that this kind of viral marketing will turn against its client. We don't do what ever the client wants. We have our standards and if the client doesn't like those , can search another company.

Wait and see how I turn the negativity out of the forced sharing concept into something, even you guys would be willing to accept.
As of now, I'm busy with other things.

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see how I turn the negativity out of the forced sharing concept into something, even you guys would be willing to accept

Wow! That would be worth bottling and selling at a premium!

Wait and see how I turn the negativity out of the forced sharing concept into something, even you guys would be willing to accept.

Oh the symbolism and the irony. With those words, you're starting to go down the road to Damascus. Congratulations. We're already there. When you figure out that WE'RE already there and YOU'RE the one who is not, you'll be there with us. The real knowledge is understanding that what you think is Damascus is actually hell and you should be running away from it, not going towards it.

Now I'm going away from the Bible and into Confucianism with that last line, generally two approaches to life that don't have much to do with each other. A Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew, a Mormon, and an atheist walk into a bar. Bartender asks what they're drinking. The Catholic responds that it is Lent and thus he cannot drink. The Muslim says alcohol is forbidden and thus HE cannot drink. The Mormon says that for once he agrees with the Muslim. The Jew says he can drink, but it is the Sabbath. He can drink, but he cannot frequent a bar on this Holy Day. The atheist says he's an alcoholic, so he can't drink. Bartender asks why the hell they all walked into his bar then. They tell them that God (for the atheist, his inner conscience) commanded them to wander the Earth and spread the word that Forced Likes is a terrible idea and is the one thing they all agree on.

Why? Read your words above several times and see your new approach. You were trying to enlist us to help you, but ran into negativity. The negativity comes from the "forced" part. You're now softening to "willing to accept". But still, not soft enough. You need to get us to "want to accept" to get us onboard. Or perhaps "Like the Idea". Perhaps we'll like it enough to share the idea with all our friends and tell the world about this great idea.

You need us to say "I really like the idea of Forced Likes. I like it so much that I want to share it with you. I really really like this idea. This is my honest opinion. No one forced me to say this."

Read the above over and over till you spot the contradiction. No clever PHP code can solve this. You'll never win us over. Join us in the true Promised Land.


I liked your religion story. Very wise. Keep things up, like that. :)

Just to be clear I upvoted last AssertNull post ....
Maybe at start the downvote button pressed by accident but when I realized it I upvoted again, the thing is that the comment has a downvote signal next to it , a DaniWeb bug that needs fix.

I upvoted AssertNull post although I almost disagree with the “Forced Likes” viral marketing techniques. It is one thing to already have a relationship with the customer and request a social media interaction in order to offer something , or a competition that is clean and clear the terms and whole different to make the client feel blackmailed and the ransom to be a like. It is not an ethical issue here , I strongly believe that the later technique will harm the eShop / company / client in future.


Ha! Ha! Ha! You are very humorous! Keep up the good jokes! Lol!
I like it.

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