Can anyone program and add voice recognization to input box ?

How to do that with laravel?

Thanks in advance.

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How to use CallFire? Is that a voice recognition?

@davy. It's a commercial app, first one on a list so if they didn't answer your question, move to the next one. Too bad you weren't on Android and possibly iOS where it appears some speech to text shows up in your apps.

I think it's worth repeating. I fear you are going to have to get into a paid app for this one unless there's some Google voice, Amazon Alexa or other integration I'm not aware of is out there.

How about text to speech. Any idea where to find it? That one is prefered.

How about text to speech. Any idea where to find it?

Did you even had a look at that voice-elements link? It does both speech to text and text to speech.

.NET has a SpeechSynthesizer class. I even used it in one of my snippets I posted on DW.

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