... and let's not forget the "Girls"!

I am really starting to get pissed off at the searchengines.
For 2 days now been googling (tried ask.com now too) searching for web proxy hosts as I want to run a free service like:
But hardly any relevant results. You try and see for yourself.

Been googling for 2 days for info on what to "look out for (dangers) in running your own free web proxy service (like anonymouse.org). That way, I can be aware of all the risks and take measures in advance so I don't fall in the pit-falls.
But hardly any relevant results. You try and see for yourself on that too.

Been searching for proxy server script reviews but hardly any proper reviews get found.

Now, if you know of any good webhost (proxy host) that will:

  • allow me to run my own free web proxy available to the public like anonymouse.org;
  • allow me to remotely connect to mysql;
    (I need to get my desktop .exe softwares to dump data to my website's mysql database).
  • will not send me a big bill if my bandwidth goes over limit (capping measures must be in place or better if they provide unlimited bandwidth);

Then provide the links below.

If you know of any gpl (free) web proxy server php script that will allow me to update it with my own money making features (so I can add features to the php script that will enable the web proxy users to earn money by using my free web proxy etc. service) then provide the links below.
(And yes, my web proxy users will indirectly make money by using my free web proxy. Stand-by and see for yourself! I am not going to reveal my ideas here so others can get the idea up and running before I do. Hold your breath and keep watch and see what happens).

In short, I need a gpl web proxy server script.
I need a flexible and suitable webhost who will allow remote mysql connections and allow me to run web proxies.
My current webhost has now stopped remote mysql connection and expects me to buy their dedicated line for nearly $50/yr. I don't like to pay any extra to what I used to get without any charge (as it came with the paid hosting).

Btw, what kind of questions should I as the webhost regarding the free web proxy service I want to run ?
Here are some questions I have in mind to ask but you are welcome to add your own questions for me to as them:

Q. What features in the proxy server must I keep tabs on so my users don't download anything illegal or don't visit any websites related to porn or illegal activities ?
Q. How can I meter my web proxy users ? Which web proxy php script would meter my users ?
Q. How to add banned words list to the web proxy server so that if my users request my web proxy server to fetch any webpages related to these keywords then their requested webpages don't get fetched ? Web proxy must check requested page's content keywords, met keywords, meta descriptions, image file names, video file names, webpage file names and file path names (directory names) for these banned keywords.

Don't recommend me Glype or MiniProxy. Former license restrictive and latter has too complicated coding for my liking to update.


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    You are going to be the next Bill Gates but cannot or will not pay $50 to get the functionality you are after. And, seriously, you wonder why people downvote this stuff? Oh, and if we are all such losers then why bother asking us for help? > It's like … Read More

  • The tragedy here is that UI is obviously a highly intelligent and articulate person, but those attributes are being criminally wasted trolling an irrelevant web site when he should be building a demo or proof of concept for his ideas and seeking partners to bring them to fruition. OK, maybe … Read More

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    pty 268   21 Hours Ago

    > Because, when I mentioned my browser somewhere (that revolves around my big ideas), one of the major international advertising company (from where the money would be coming from to the browser users) read the concept and told me not to go ahead publicising it anymore unless they get back … Read More


Some losers go to every one of my threads, like low lives, and give minus votes without making any posts. So, what does that do to me ? Does it harm me in any way ? No ! The losers have forgotten that this forum is not "God Place" or "the only place" to get answers.
It just makes me laugh unstoppable when I think how much some members can stoop low to. I'll make more threads just to watch them sneek-up on my threads like thieves to my garbage can. It's like me pressing the button and watch them drag themselves out of their rat holes and come and smell the cheese in my trash can. In a sense, I sort of get my slaves to come-out from whatever rubbish hole they were in and bother to contribute to my threads rather than see it get no contribution atall. Ha! Ha! What a bunch of low life slaves!

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You are going to be the next Bill Gates but cannot or will not pay $50 to get the functionality you are after. And, seriously, you wonder why people downvote this stuff?

Oh, and if we are all such losers then why bother asking us for help?

It's like me pressing the button and watch them drag themselves out of their rat holes and come and smell the cheese in my trash can

Oh, I see. So you are a troll after all...

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In a shocking turn, the rat traps here don't work with cheese, I have to put a little steak meat and bone in the trap. Modern problems?
He he. He's good value though. Glad he's still around. My problems don't look so big after all :)

So you want to run a limitless free service for the whole world, using a host's resources, but don't think you should pay the host for their services / resources? Good luck with that. If that was your "big idea", I'm disappointed - I thought you were trying something new - not copying anonymouse.
So anonymouse allows you to surf anonymously and to send emails anonymously - to spam indiscriminately in other words, oh and to post anonymously to newsgroups. I can understand the surfing anonymously, but you want to restrict this from porn or illegal activities. Unless you're in an oppressive regime that blocks facebook etc, 95% of traffic will be for porn and illegal activities. The rest I imagine will be for geeks sticking it to the man or legitimate use regarding privacy. I don't understand your aversion to porn though :)

BTW, seems anonymouse doesn't work anyway: http://karlynp.booklikes.com/post/554839/warning-do-not-use-anonymouse-org-as-a-web-proxy

http://zfreez.com/ mentioned in the karlynp post, seems to have given up the ghost too. There seems to be a lot of these about and few of them seem to work as intended or seem to last the course. What a golden opportunity - wish I'd thought of it.

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If you expect me to pay $50 to get the script done then what on earth am I doing in a php programming forum, where people prowl to learn php or atleast gain work experience from seniors' helps ? Seniors who have been there, done this and that, and knows what works and what not.
Shouldn't I be in freelancers.com instead ? Ask yourself that.
I am not jus after the money. If I was, I'd talk less in order not to risk having others guess my ideas and build them before me. I'd go to freelancers.com and just pay someone to build the script.
No. I'm the DIY guy. I like to build my own building that was designed by me. I don't mind asking others along the way, if how I'm building is ok for the foundation or not. Or, if I get stuck then if others direct me how to do it then that is ok too aslong as they don't put the brick their designy way but me.
It does not feel good if you just press a button and watch others build your stuffs. It is fun to put your own sweat and blood. All that ducking & diving, digging & ..... is fun.
I think I have proven my point now.
You people got on the band wagon using the wrong foot. Instead of making me an enemy, you lot should have joined-in getting me to add your own designs here and there. I know the programming communitiues stick together grouping against the competition programming languages. I thought php people would help each other so the group gets bigger compared to Python etc. But, I guess I was wrong. This is a capitalist world. And capitalists get jealous very easily. They don't care if you belong to the same group aslong as they can hold you back from helping yourself and especially the masses (public). They don't like to see the public benefit. They only care for their corporates. I thought you guys were different. Socialists. But you are all just (well you know what you guys are. A disappointment).
And yes, not only will I be the next Bill Gates, but Larry Page, Sergei, Mark Zuckerberg, and the modern others. Infact, none of them would stand a chance. Why they won't stand a chance ? Because, they're all capitalists. That is why. They make money out of the public. Their sites don't really help the public make money. Mine would be different. My ideas are based around the public (users) earn money. Money to get out of poverty. That is the aim. Not to make anyone rich. But if anyone becomes rich then no hard feelings.

I was gonna add notes in the README, a list of names who helped the project. Now, I'm thinking ... Add who's names ? Those who helped a little and then did more damage by trying to forestall the project ?
Now, I'm thinking, I might aswell not gpl it.
End of discussion.

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Labelling me a capitalist is pretty laughable, if you only knew the truth...

End of discussion.

No, not by a long chalk. You don't get to end a discussion. Members may feel they want to carry on with or without you. What has socialism and capitalism got to do with helping out a deserving soul on a forum? A recently deceased contributor - possibly the greatest of all contributors on here was a Republican. I'm a nationalist. There is a very high level guy here who I suspect is an anarchist. Politics don't come into it. The key for most of us is - "who is the deserving soul?" Guess who it's not?

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Only suspect? I must try harder :-)
Devils, angels and all sorts welcome here.

Diafol! Oh dear me!

Where can I start with you ? Can I ask you just one question ? What are you on ? Crack ?
Where did I say that, I want to use a host's service for free ? Dude! What host ? Just what are you on about ? Man!
You are disappointed with my idea are you ? Well, I'm glad that, atleast you gave me the benefit of the doubt this long, expecting me to run my wand and cockup something oput of my hat. What were you expecting ? A rabbit ? I tell you what ? I might aswell bring out a lovely girl. All for you! How about that ? Would that make you happy ? I hope so. Still dream on.
Ok. I know I am rising my ideas getting copied but here goes ...
Like I said. I am not the corporate Bill Gates type. I'm more like the Gpl & Unix type. When my projects are complete. I would want the whole world to follow suit. Copy my ideas, I mean. That way, the public (top 10 sites members) can make money out of it. Will make me feel proud, everyone's using my ideas to make a better living. And, I guarantee you. You'd be running towards them. Mark my words.
My ideas are simple. Make it easy for the consumer to shop. Consumers don't spend hrs, days and weeks searching for the shops. It's the other way round.
Consumers don't bid on products & services. It's the other way round. Sellers reverse bid to win the consumers. Consumers get better offers (packages at better prices).
Businesses would be able to see what keywords consumers are searching for, what webpages they are browsing, they'd see who is on their websites, who is on their competitions websites and fight over each other to message the consumers to hit the BACK button out of their competitions sites to their's. Consumers would be expecting such messages. Messages that offer them better bargains. And ofcourse, reading such messages is gonna earn them money. In some cases, they'd earn more than what they spend. hence, they'd be profiting (LITERALLY) from shopping.

  • Web browsers (already built them all by myself with no help atall from anybody),
  • web proxy (half built, where you guys are committing enmity against it),
  • dns cache (have not started on it yet).
  • social network that will bankrupt the big ones (half built, where you guys got jealous on it on my other thread),
  • searchengine that will force the big ones to be copy cats (you guys would definitley get jealous on it and give the downvote on this post now to prove my point),
    etc. all revolve around these benefits mentioned above. Hence, I'm not worried that the public won't use my free services as consumers. I was a little worried the businesses might cause me trouble when I expose who's website visitor is who. But, programmers in other forums told me my fears are unfounded. Trouble won't be coming from the businesses (websites) but most likely from consumers (my tool users) since I'll be exposing their keyword searches, browsing histories, bookmarking histories, etc. But, I'm not worried about the consumers. I'll be revealing their histories for their own benefits to bring them bargains. Programmers in other forums don't know the benefits of the consumers in all my projects/ventures. And that is why they came to the conclusion that consumers won;t use my services. But you BUNCH now do know the benefits the consumers would get when they use my services because I just revealed a little here just now to shut you guys up so you don't think I am dreaming and don't know what I'm talking about.
    However, I have not revealed here why businesses/websites would allow me to do what I want to do. Only revealed a little and if you guys have any decent brains (other than dreaming of coding 24hrs/day) then you'd figure things out by now. However, I have plainly revealed in other forum(s) why businesses/websites would use my services.
    Which I'm not gonna bother revealing here.

Here's the deal Diafol. SInce you've been the bigges nasty pieace of work on my threads, lately. Let's have a bet that you will NEVER EEVER use my service or any third party services/websites that revole around my ideas/concepts. No matter what ideas and concepts they are. And, if you DO. Then you are a loser who will pay me everything that you have in your ban account. Agree ?
You know, in other forums, they told me, I can't (technically for security reasons) can't log what webpages my proxy users view. One even betted all his money in his bank account. He was the greatest help in that forum. Shot himself in the foot. I told him I already aded my codings and managed to get it to log all the proxified pages a user would view. But he still foolishly went along with the bet. Now, he's lost the bet and not answering my threads. He only goes about and LIKES others' posts who bash me a little. They bash me a little because, I guess, they too get a little jealous like you guys. I've just made enemies when I said facebook, google, twitter, youtube, etc. all the top 10 sites in the world won't be so top 10 anymore.
But guess what ? WHo gives a damn ? None of these top 10 websites earn their members money. When my services would, why would not the public PREFER mine over their's ? Basic formula, really. On how to win the public's interest. And, you guys know it!
The sand hour glass' has been set. The sand is sowly sinking into the other compartment of the glass. It won't be long before all the sand drains and the toip 10 sites in the world get a heart attack. you guys would have made history, if only you had got over your envious natures.
Oh well, I guess the being upstairs likes to help a SOLO guy. Likes to see a single person bring down the curtain all by himself.

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My cheese did get you all out. I now know which 4 has been down-voting my posts. The masks have been pulled all by yourselves. I'm just a little ashamed of you guys to think that mods would stoop so low and behave this way towards guests. Your members are your guests.

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You guessed wrong, I haven't been downvoting your posts. I will now though. Idiot.


You were my favourite here and so I did not expect you to come to the cheese. Nor HappyGeek. I knew Diafol would be skulking around. And I was right.
Was expecting AssertNull to sniff it and JamesCherril but them 2 are absent. One part of me said, AssertNull won't stoop that low. I see that is true.

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But, HappyGeek! I am very disappointed, man!
When JamesCherril banned me, you sort of over-rode that. But, here you are sneeking-up on every one of my posts and down voting. Tell me, you did not re-instate my account just to become my shadow that backstabs me ?
Oh man! Why am I even bothering with you guys ?
Over and out!

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Guess what. Wrong again. I hadn't downvoted you. You are, however, a troll.


My boy! Why is that soul not deserving ? Because, he said he will defeat the top 10 sites on the net ? Do you own shares in one of them or some of them 10 ?

Programmers in one forum (can't remember which one) told me to talk less and just shoot them all. I am trying to do that now.
Another in another forum PM'ed me he likes my ideas and thinks would work (compete with Google). Pleaded me to keep quiet and not reveal my ideas anymore about it to the "clowns" in the forum.
I have already got the green light from many wise guys now. I'm not backing away anymore. Never really had any intentions to back away. Been dreaming for a long long time. Now to bring out both jack and jacqueline from their boxes.

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Very good what ?
May I checkout your website to see how I can topple you in competition by giving your competitions a good advantage over you ?
I mean, when I detect my users using my service to view your site, I can always auto popup a message to them to ignore your site and checkout your competitions who has better offers. I can offer a service to your competitions to target your pages and popup their custom messages to your visitors to snare them away from you to them. I can charge them an arm and a leg in the process.
You won't be smiling then.
Now to think of it. Let's gang-up against your business (like you and your kroneys been doing here to the PUBLIC SERVICE I am trying to bring out). I can GPL my scripts so millions of people run similar sites. On all copies, your site can be targeted so when the millions of sites' members use their services to browse your site then these users can get a distraction popup to be distracted from your site when the services detect the users are on your ORDER FORM. The services can bribe their users away from your site. And on the side, sneek-up and email you that they have detected their users leaving your site and they can bring them back if you pay them this and that much. Ofcourse, after you pay them and after they send your "marketing message" (that is doomed to fail) to their users and after they earn your message forwarding fees, they can secretly behind your back send message to their users (your visitors) with links that foul mouth your website & services (consumer bad ratings) and deter them from buying from you. But hey man. Atleast, you waste your money trying to win consumers who would be brain washed by the same services to whom you pay to have your marketing emails sent to their users to DOWN VOTE your site (like you've been sneekily doing to my posts).
Ah! Sweet revenge!

Now, if you don't MIND ME SIR, may I have your website link, PLEASE ?
You're not scared are you ? Afterall, what can silly UI do to the big King Kong Diafol ? Right ? I mean, UI's just a dreamer, who does not know what he's blabbering on about! Does not know anything about leads hunting, competitions customer snaring, competition down voting. I mean, come-on man! You ain't scared if a single guy, who only dreams to take-on 10 big online guys all at once all by his tiny little useless self. Now, are you ?
I will end with a little: He! he! Diafol! You picked the wrong guy to mess with. Your down votes are gonna cost you your head now. He! He!

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This is good stuff ui
Just woke up to it
You do make me smile
Don't forget to take your meds

BTW. Votes? Get over yourself. You post your usual crapola and you will attract down votes. I can't give you - 5. That takes 5 individuals
Your last post was - 1 when I saw it.

This may come as a bit of a shock. You do not have to leave a message in a thread to down vote. Your cheese trap doesn't work. Not very bright but top marks for raving :)

Edited by diafol


The tragedy here is that UI is obviously a highly intelligent and articulate person, but those attributes are being criminally wasted trolling an irrelevant web site when he should be building a demo or proof of concept for his ideas and seeking partners to bring them to fruition. OK, maybe the odds are against him, but that's true of every new idea. What's certain is that wasting time composing drivel isn't going to improve those odds.

Edited by JamesCherrill


I've UPVOTED your last post JamesCherril.

"UI is obviously a highly intelligent and articulate person, but those attributes are being criminally wasted trolling an irrelevant web site when he should be building a demo or proof of concept for his ideas and seeking partners to bring them to fruition."

You've lightened my mood now. Highly Intelligent. Well, atleast the guy who banned me for 10 days has some sense. And, it's now been confirmed by another programmer in another forum (3rd forum as of now) that I'm not crazy and my ideas are not plain stupid. One of my best mates, thinks I am crazy and my ideas won't work. Sort of falling out with him. He's likely to be made redundant since the shop he manages is not doing good business anymore. It's not his industry's season this time round. The dick should have kept his mouth shut because I was planning on aiding him make a new living out of my ideas so he does not have to 9-5 wage slave anymore. But some people are just destined to suffer poverty in this world due to shooting their lousy mouths due to envy.
Anyway, don't know what you mean by "articulate". Will checkout the google definition.
"Criminally Wasted". That part saddend me, though.
If I was a criminal, I won't be trying to help the public globally where the majority live below the poverty line. It's the capitalists who are the real criminals. Big corporates. Loan sharks, porn industry (yes, those who take advantage of woman when they're in need of money. And, I do have a plan up my seeve to help women folk so they don't lower themselves to porning & prostitution in desperate times) etc.
Nevermind. I guess you just made an expression stating I am wasting my time and should have snatched at the chance and got my dream up and running by now rather than lurking in this forum which is proving to be nothing but a BIG waste of my time.



So, you did not DownVote me all this time ? Then, I was wrong to jump to conclusions. But, did you really had to call a member an "idiot", especially after being in a mod position ?

And just, which part sounds like a pyramid scheme ?

Edited by UI


Don't get too excited... I cannot confirm that your ideas (which I am not privy to) are not crazy nor plain stupid. All I'm saying is that paradigm busting ideas seem crazy at first, and most of them are crazy, but once in a blue moon there's one that's not. Only time will tell.
I wasn't suggesting that you are a criminal, just that wasting the talents you have like this should be a criminal offense :)

Your last paragraph is spot on.

Edited by JamesCherrill


should have snatched at the chance and got my dream up and running by now rather than lurking in this forum which is proving to be nothing but a BIG waste of my time

At last...



  1. I'm not a mod.
  2. "the public (top 10 sites members) can make money out of it" sounds like a pyramid scheme.
  3. You called me a capitalist and a loser, you stated I had downvoted your posts. None of these are true. Ipso facto, idiot.


If you are not a mod then how come James Cherril stated that he has banned me and you think otherwise and have re-instated my account ?
Well, I did find myself banned for 10 days and wondered how did HappyGeek overwrite his action if I can't login to my account.
Anyway, I'm no gonna fight with you.
Let's make-up comrade! Let's start over: Are you Bulgarian ?
I thought Diafol was referring to you as the "Anarcho Communist"! Lol!
But, I'm glad that, you are not a capitalist. :)
My Yugoslavian friend was an Anarcho Communist (he said so himself) but his Russian mate, I don't think he was. ;)

Facebook, twitter, etc. can always allow you to place your cpm ads so when people read your profiles, tweets, etc. then you earn money.
Pyramid scheme has nothing to do with it.
However, my idea was not really based around what I just mentioned. It's more sophisticated. My point is, the top 10 can always allow their members to earn money but they deliberately don't. That will be their downfall.

Edited by UI


James Cherill,

Let's call my ideas/concepts (that help the members/masses/public money and not just the corporates or big websites money) my "big ideas".
I will still remain excited. Because, when I mentioned my browser somewhere (that revolves around my big ideas), one of the major international advertising company (from where the money would be coming from to the browser users) read the concept and told me not to go ahead publicising it anymore unless they get back to me.
They took it to their lab. Got their programmers to have a look at it if it breaks their TOS. I built it so it does not break their's nor their competitions. They got back and gave me the green light and wished me luck. Why did they take it to their lab ? Because they thought it would go viral (the concept behind it was too HOT) and suspected (just like Diafil jumps to conclusions and HappyGeek) it would crookedly rinse their system to earn the browser users money. 24hrs later, they found-out it was an honest browser. Not a malware, spyware or form of fraudware.
Their competition (another international world known company) wanted me to display their banner very broad all over my browser. (But, I let that pass). Why did they want that ? Because they knew the masses would use my browser (the concept behind it to make the users money was too HOT) and they wanted all my users to view their banner ad.
All this is good news to me.
But, my luck is not good. You could have a great product but if nobody hears about it then it will remain in the shelf (like a lot of fellow programmers told me).
I failed in advertising.
Also, I reckon I won't reach those who are too fussy on privacy (western countries) and those who are weary to install .exe softwares onto their computers from unknown brands. I've got thumbs-up from the Indian Continent and Japan. Other countries are not aware of it. Hence, it's not in the news yet.
The majority of the world population (Asians & Africans) don't have desktop computers or laptops. They use smart phones to connect online. My web browser meant for the computers would be of no use to them. Majority of the people who are living below the poverty line are in Africa and Asia. If I can't reach them with my web browser but reach the well off (who have desktop computers & laptops) in Europe and Americas then I'm failing to target the right audience. Hence, I stalled my browser and thought of building a mobile phone app (android browser) instead. That way, the African and Asian users can download the app/browser onto their smart phones and use it regular and earn money. Plus, people are not that fussy to download apps onto their fones like they are fussy to download .exe computer softwares onto their computers.
So, you see, I do know fair knowledge of marketing & promotion.
These following countries have over a billion population and so they are my target:


Ofcourse, the whole world is my target but Asia and Africa the most due to large number of population living below the poverty level.
You see, I'm not stupid like you people think I am. I know that Android programming is hard and it would probably take me 2yrs to learn the programming. Or worst, I'd most likely struggle to learn the programming and quit. Learning php is likely to be easier. And so, instead of getting an Android app with all the money making functions I am adding the money making functions onto my website with php instead. Then will use those websites that help you build mobile phone apps and use their services to compile a cell phone browser app that will open to my website. Users will logon to my website and browse the net (web proxy, searchengine, social network, etc.). And, they will earn money. Websites/businesses would find leads. Consumers would find businesses. Put the business and the consumer together.
Anyway, I'm not gonna bother discussing anymore. Like you said JamesCherril, got to get the task completed asap. I have completed (with php) the project 90%. Just stuck on it 10%. Getting help from other forums from volunteers. If at the end, I fail to complete it then will look for a freelance programmer to build it.

Edited by UI


Because, when I mentioned my browser somewhere (that revolves around my big ideas), one of the major international advertising company (from where the money would be coming from to the browser users) read the concept and told me not to go ahead publicising it anymore unless they get back to me.

So are you going to show us this world-beating browser?

Votes + Comments
Show me the money! (or broswer.)

Just confuses me why waste time trolling forums? You have a product. You may have backers. So what are you doing here?

Votes + Comments
That's one of the big questions. "Why am I here?" (someone in a deep hole asks that!)

I am an Admin here.

You were not banned for 10 days as I reversed the ban on the same day it was originally applied. If you could not access your account for 10 days then you should raise that as a bug report over in the DaniWeb Community Feedback forum.

I am not a communist.

Yes, I am Bulgarian. womble.jpg

Edited by happygeek

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