Im building a website on Wix builder. I have a database for my customers on an xlsx file, what i need is that when a customer enters his phone number and then click "Okay", if his phone number data found in the database then he will be directed to (link1)
if no data for him then he will be directed to (link 2),
this xlsx file will be updated on daily bases, which means i need to upload it again everyday.
Many people told me that i have to purches a domain and hosting space, but i never had any idea about how to make this project.

I dont know much about programming, any ideas how can i make it happen ?

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If you are using wix or any of those free builders, they have very limited features. You may need to purchase additional features or pay for a domain as mentioned. Can you access external files from inside wix?
An Excel file is really not a great substitue for a proper DB. If you have to use a text file, you'd be better to store data as a csv (comma separated values) file. Excel can open this type of file and also save to that type of file.

Querying and modifying data in databases is not such a trivial matter. You may need to learn SQL and a server-side language, e.g. PHP, one of the .net languages, python, nodejs, java, etc.

If you want to record customers without coding anything I'd just embed a Google form which would be linked to a spreadsheet on Google Drive. Yes, it's not an .xslx file and it doesn't react differently depending on whether the record already exists, but without building a proper website and writing some code, it's probably your best free option.