Sometime I need to login WordPress dashbaord or Hosting place for fixing bugs and issues for client. So I want to know that how I can scan a WordPress website before logging into its dashbaord for making sure its free from all kind of malwares, viruses and keyloggers. So in this way I can keep my system safe.

Hoping to get useful answers.

Peacec Coder

Keeping your system safe is usually done with the usual antivirus suite or using a current Linux OS (two most common methods I run into.)
The other way to keep your system safe is with backups. Let's say you give me your current boot drive for safekeeping. How long till your system is running again? As in a system drive crash.

I find developers sometimes forgo backups. Usually the newer ones that haven't learned this lesson. Sometimes they think there's another answer because telling them to backup "is not helping."

After that, you can scan the site as others noted at https://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+scan+WordPress+website+for+malwares+and+virus%3F

Wordpress is a PHP application. To verify that it is not "infected" you would need a known good CRC checksum for all the pages you are going to visit, and then rerun the checksums for each page to verify that the page has not been altered. This really isn't practical in real life. You should trust that the WordPress site does this on a regular basis, or some other means to verify that their code base has not been altered by an outside source.