Hello i used to have a facebook invite script now, so when one presses the link it shows the user's friends to invite them. Now i am getting an error Game Requests are only available to games. What should i do?

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So, this applies only for Game Apps? Does anyone know how one user may invite people from Facebook?

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Actually the link I gave told us to check out "Category." "In the Facebook application, what is the value for 'Category'?" - in link.


The value was Games and i changed it to Entertaiment but still the same. Is it possible invite friends to be just for Games ?


" Is it possible invite friends to be just for Games ? "

Have to write yes but I was under the impression you didn't have a Facebook sponsored game.


Remember I'm not an expert on this but category would matter (read that first link) and about your script, I don't see code here so no one can see much yet.

That aside I'm running into web masters (?) that try to get by with copying in scripts and templates. They often are unable to see what's wrong in the code. Lesson, many. If you run a script, you should have some idea how it works at the very least. Many have scripts they used and only look after it fails... You get the idea.

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