I have two files with slightly different codes from two different programmer. Me and the other guy. And I would like to move part of the working feature from one file to the other codes.

Any software that could compare php / laravel codes and highlight the difference?

Something like: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=DevartSoftware.CodeCompare
but this is for C++ not php.


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Is there any automatic feature in notepad++ that could shows me which code is different between two files?

That feature are available in MC - select files in to the left and right tab and then press and hold "Ctrl" and successively press "x", "d" or use Menu-tab: "Command"-"Compare files"

How to open this file?

[ ] mc-4.8.19.tar.xz

MC is able to read php / laravel codes right?

Installable on any of Linux distributions. Do not need decompress before install it - use command line e.g. sudo dpkg -i path/to/archive.tar.xz
Usually I intall mc using direct comman line command sudo apt install mc to get and install latest version

I am using Windows 10 not linux.

The windows analogue to MC is FAR but not fully functionality of MC - need additional plugin for compare files

Also try Meld, it should work also on Windows: http://meldmerge.org/

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It sounds like you are looking for a version (or revision) control system. They offer ways to highlight the changes made between one version of a file and another.

Have you looked into Tortoise SVN or Git?

Actually, there are some old threads here on Daniweb you would probably find very informative:

Version Control

Git: How To

Revision Control Systems

These threads will probably do a lot to point you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

Try WinMerge. It is a worthy successor (same company) to PMDiff, originally written for OS/2 (which I still miss).

But not as much as my Amiga OS (totally off-topic plug)