This question or similar were 4 years ago has already been asked but in my situation did not help.

I have codeigniter project. in my employee database I have TINYINT field status. if 1 employee is active otherwise inactive.

my form is in bootstrap modal.

here is switch button code:

<div class="onoffswitch3">

    <input type="checkbox" name="status" class="onoffswitch3-checkbox" id="myonoffswitch3"  data-format="Y-m-d"  required >
    <label class="onoffswitch3-label" for="myonoffswitch3">
        <span class="onoffswitch3-inner">
            <span class="onoffswitch3-active"><span class="onoffswitch3-switch" id="onoffswitch3-switch">Active</span></span>
            <span class="onoffswitch3-inactive"><span class="onoffswitch3-switch" id="onoffswitch3-switch">Inactive</span></span>


question is how can I get value of switch either it is 1 or 0. ( on form when I am clicking switch nothing hapenning in value or ... anything. please help me to resolve it.

Second question is my employee table has field date_appointed as DATE (Y-m-d), from html datedroper giving me date in d-m-Y format and I am unable to insert in database.