Please I need php registration and login code for a project I am presently working on. I have google search and ran several registration codes but it has not been working.

I worry here that you want to find code and just use it without understanding how it works or tailoring to your site.

If so, I think any code you find or are supplied will fail. Why not learn more about PHP and your site so you can tailor what you find or make your own?

That out of the way, do not make the usual mistakes. Here's a google about the most common BIG mistake I see today:

I understand significant aspect
and some basics of php. I only have little knowledge on MYSQL. I have ran several codes but it has not been working. I need urgent help on php registration and login code

That's what should happen. If you take "codes" none should work because you didn't tailor them to your site and database.

If you can't code, recruit coders for your site.