I have a php page called "list.php" which allows the user to select from a list of options to perform a filter query on a table.
At the bottom of this page I have created an href link to a page called "create-file1.php".
I would like to pass the result of this query ($rows - the type is array) through this href.
Obviously I'm not doing this correctly as I am getting no results from the passed variable.

Below is where I pass my array in the list.php file:

<?php   $stmp1 = WP_PLUGIN_URL . TENDER_FOLDER . "/create-file1.php?trows=$rows";             ?>
<a href="<?php echo $stmp1; ?>">Download CSV</a>

Below is where I try to retrieve the results of trows:

    $sLines = $_GET["trows"];
    print_r ($sLines);

The results of this are: Array

How do I resolve this?