Hi how do i automate data sharing or airtime using php. E.g i want a third party to able to share my airtime or data from my website. For instance if i dial 600mobilenoamountmy secret pin# will automatically share my airtime with d owner of this mobile number. So my question here is how do i automate this using php?

Hello Syntax_1.

Small world that it is, I worked with cellular carriers when a company I was with did M2M for GPS location tracking. Along the way was how to pay for this and how cellular works today.

So to get this to work you would be meeting with the carriers to pull this off. That is, they would work with you to show you how to do this from the Internet and via that phone number. Without carrier involvement, in the systems I know today, you are DOA.

Thank you very much for the quick respond. I really appreciate.