I made sorting arrows for a table in illustrator and exported it out as an svg. I want to place them in a table head, and use css to style it. I will be using javascript (vannila) to swap classes to change the state of my icon.

What is the best tag to use for svg in my case?
below is sample of what I have now

        <th id="step">Step<img class="sort" src ="assets/sort-up-and-down-arrows-couple.svg"></th>

Sorry, I guess I’m a little confused by what you mean by tag? HTML tag? Like <SVG>?

commented: yes, I saw different samples online where some are using <img>, <svg> and even a <div> +0

I don't use SVG images myself, but I think that you can use <img src=...> for .svg files and the <svg> tag is for inline SVG code.