Hai Frds,

My question is i have create select box using state,district,city and town.select state box click add option select box change text box add/edit in text box add tha value save in state select box. How do please help me

Sorry I'm confused by your question.

You created four select boxes: one asking to select state, one district, one city, one town. You want to change the other three each time you change the state select box, is this correct?

I think what you're asking is similar to what we do at https://www.daniweb.com/community/contribute where, based on the forum selected, the topic types change. For example, if you select a programming forum, posting a code snippet is an option, but if you select a hardware forum, for example, a code snippet is no longer an option.

Do you have any experience with jQuery? I see you tagged this thread AJAX. Are you needing to retrieve the items from the select box dynamically or can the list of all possible combinations exist in the JS file?