Now as the automated cms are coming in power for eg. wordpress. Is it leading to ending of web development career.?

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No it don't think you. But AI can certainly do so in the near future.

If you are begginer Developer so you can convert react native platform it's scop

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Web Development won't end so easily, I heard similer things just after the Weebly launched free website builder, but here we are in 2019, people even worlds best web development forms like DCS, GoodCore Software still developing awesome web apps and still in business. Though in my view, the key to remain in this business for long is to be stay updated always.

Tailor made software + front end vs ready made is something that is around for more than 50 years. It is nothing new there. Some prefer the cost that comes along with the ready made solution , some find a cost effective alternative in a tailor made solution. Custom coding will not disappear ever , but as as ready made software becomes smarter it will have a more limited customer base. Eg. in eShops I calculate that to happen in 20 or 30 years from now (yes in eShops ready made solutions is like the ancestor of mammals compared to apes and humans).

AI has little to do with that , the second branch of my company is S&D sales and demand , and their main focus is not to sell (well we have good products that sell by itselves ;) ) , their main focus is to try to figure what the client really wants and to write it down in an appropriate way for the RnD department to materialize it. If many people and communications is needed in order to figure out what the client really wants (not what she / he asks) , I doubt that ever AI will do it for you (notice that in that iteraction you change the customer point of view also).  

Wordpress might be good enough for the hobbiest or small business, but bigger and corporate websites will always need something custom. In fact, I can argue that Wordpress makes it easy for anyone to get something going out of the box, and so in order for a web app to become popular, it needs to be constantly innovative and doing something that no one else is.

Yes, Wordpress can definitely hurt your career if you are a novice web developer who typically creates simple websites for small businesses, that Wordpress can easily do. But, if that's the case, you can leverage Wordpress' popularity by writing plug-ins and charging for them.

But as long as the Internet exists in its current form, web developers are going to be in demand.

Overall, it's a competitive market for sure, and it's certainly isn't going to become any easier. It's still very possible to shape a successful, enjoyable career in the web development industry — it just may take slightly more time and input than it did before.


If you find wordpress is replacing your job as a web developer, you are not a web developer.

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