Does anyone here know MVC well enough to teach me or know of a great tutorial I can read?

I'm a Senior C#, ASP.NET Web Developer at my core but since I've been under employed for a few years I have not had the chance to learn MVC.
Also interested in React or similar javascript libraries as well as Boot Strap.

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Do you mean MVC as in Model-View-Controller?
If so, it's just an architectural principle. A quick Google will point you to dozens of explanations - all less than a page long. There's not much to learn about that.
Depending on language and architecture there are many MVC frameworks and libraries, all of which come with some kind of more-or-less painful learning curve. Sadly those learnings are not redily transferrable between differnet frameworks.

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The Microsoft web site offers plenty of video and text tutorials on how to get started with MVC. The place I got started was Start there, and you will be up and running in a few days of experimenting. Be sure to install Visual Studio Community Edition if C# is your developmental language of choice.

I am in IT service just like you and it terribly sucks learning new technology every now and then. But we are all humans we con only learn only a few one. I would suggest you to not to learn everything which you see around like - react, angular, vue. You should only learn ASP.NET Core MVC which is the newest framework in DOT NET.

MVC is based on Model - View - Controller architecture where Controller is the brain which intersepts incoming HTTP request. View is the UI and Model is the Class which is created in the Controller and trasfered to the View with the data. The View then fetches the data from the Model and display it on the browser.

I recommend you to learn ASP.NET Core MVC from this tutorial because here you also get full source codes to download and run in your PC. The tutorial is quite systematic and easy to understand as it it written in proper manner.


Read and start building codes and that's the only way to learn programming efficiently.

Thank you !

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