i am trying to view my blog or post in detail description at that time my browser title shows %page_title%, But it has to show my blog or post title in that place. please help me to solve this issue.

My permalink settings as below


Note: i have attached a screen below for reference.


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Time to fix your profile by adding your blog and more so folk can find and know more about you.

As to the browser title, that's something specific to your site and how to fix can change depending on your choice of site creation. You neglected to share your blog in your profile and the image is so fuzzy I can't make it out to check out its code.

Many sites use the title tag as noted at https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_title.asp

I have had good luck with:


Hi everyone
Thank you very much for your help
Through the description of the website you introduced
I was able to solve the problem

     <!DOCTYPE html>

      <title>طراحی سایت</title>

   در این قسمت محتوای سایت درج میشود

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